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About Us


We understand how overwhelming the choices are when it comes to animal nutrition. Consumers today are bombarded with advertising. We believe in keeping animal health as simple as possible. We research feeds so that we know what kind of results to expect. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding chickens, cattle, or the family dog. Feeds manufactured from quality ingredients will make your animals healthier. They will be more productive. They will have fewer health problems. They will live longer lives. The biggest benefit of feeding good quality is that you can eliminate almost every kind of supplement. And the real kicker is that they eat less when the food is high quality!


We apply the same mindset to everything we sell. Buy a Five Star Equine saddle pad from Cody Feed and have confidence that your horse is protected and comfortable for years to come. Buy a round bale feeder from Cody Feed and know that you won’t need to replace it next year.  We expect our products to perform. We expect them to last. We expect you, the customer, to be happy with the results. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products available at the most affordable price possible.


We believe loyalty goes both ways. Of course we want our customers to feel loyal to us, but we feel we should be loyal to our customers, too! We commit to keep their products in stock. There are advantages to buying from a family run business. We are your friends and your neighbors. You’ll see us at the grocery store, or the football game. We cheer with you when you win a show. We cry with you when you lose a beloved pet. We’re all in this together, and the most important thing to know about Cody Feed is that you can count on us!

                                                                                                        - Alan & Helen Rosenbaum

"Excellent people to do business with! I highly recommend them for Rocky Canyon premium wood pellets! Best burning pellets around!"

Brad R.

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